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Robert Muller's Ultimate Idea for a Better World

This complimentary ebook, a sequel to Robert Muller's biography, Prophet-The Hatmaker's Son, presents a summary of Robert's final thesis: 7,000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World.

"My most important dream, my Dream of Dreams after writing seven thousand ideas and dreams at the conclusion of sixty years since I joined the United Nations, is to see Earth preserved as a paradise inhabited by spiritual, happy, peaceful, deeply loving people enjoying the miracle of life."

Robert Muller

Paradise Earth

by Robert Muller and Douglas Gillies

During their first interview in 1994, Douglas Gillies asked Robert Muller, "How can an ordinary person like me think like a global citizen?"

Muller answered, "That's easy. Just multiply everything you do by six billion." Now he would say 7.3 billion. As the elevator man used to say, "Going Up!"

Two months later, Muller began writing his 7,000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World while Gillies set out to write the biography of Robert Muller: Prophet--The Hatmaker's Son. As both writers approached the end of their complementary books, a new pattern emerged in Robert Muller's ideas that represented a culmination of his life's work. In all of the economic and social programs he initiated during his four decades at the United Nations, there had been an underlying assumption, a unifying theme, that the Earth is a paradise, plain and simple, and we, as the occupants, merely need to act accordingly in order to remain here indefinitely.

The Earth is our precious garden, our temple, our paradise. Our passion must be to preserve it, to embellish it, and to see peace, happiness, and love reign everywhere, always and forever.

Build your own little paradise wherever you live. Don't let others pretend to build it for you. If we all do that, we will make the world a paradise. One little paradise multiplied by six billion people—what a wonderful planet that could be!

Compiled from Robert Muller's 7,000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World www.robertmuller.org Edited by Douglas Gillies, author of Prophet—the Hatmaker's Son. The Life of Robert Muller. Robert Muller's biography is available at www.amazon.com


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